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Re: Re: unaligned access

prctl --unaligned will work on ia64 and hppa architectures only since
those are the only architectures that support PR_SET_UNALIGN. That is
most likely the reason why Red Hat does not even build prctl for other

Reading the kernel code, it seems sh kernel always handles unaligned
accesses by emulating the access and gives warnings for the first 10
unaligned accesses only. So I am not sure what you can do other than
trying to pinpoint the pc value printed in the kernel warning into your
source code. "info line *0x......" command in gdb might be able to help
you find the line in source code once you pick pc value out of kernel


On Wed, 2006-05-17 at 04:29 -0700, Arindam Mandal wrote:
> Hi Khalid,
> I use GDB for remote debugging (using a cross tool that runs GDB).
> Right now I am trying to solve an "unaligned access" problem on a sh4
> processor. Unfortunately, in this case GDB is returning no callstack
> with where/backtrace, making it difficult to pinpoint the faulty code.
> I did try the suggestions spat out in
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-ia64/2003/09/msg00020.html, but prctl
> is not there in the Linux distribution I am using (Red Hat Linux 9.0,
> wonder whether prctl comes bundled) and I was unable to download one.
> Is there any other way to make GDB catch the SIGBUS signal, providing
> some meaningful callstack?
> Arindam

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