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Re: Initramfs image triggers a segmentation fault at startup

On Mon, 2006-03-13 at 14:34 -0800, Richard Harke wrote:
> I too had some problems with initram.
> Background: I couldn't get etch to install so I installed sarge
> then installed a new kernel, 2.6.12 (having learned the hard way
> that you can't upgrade to etch if the kernel is less than 2.6.12)
> I then upgraded to etch. I then built kernel 2.6.15-1 (from kernel.org,
> not debian) Having read the email you refer to, I was careful
> to use the newer initram tools but I couldn't get it to boot.
> After some digging, i found I had to go back to makeinitrd
> (which uses cramfs) I don't think the kernel is ready for initramfs yet.
> But my syptoms were not the same as yours (per your log file)

initramfs works fine; initramfs-tools doesn't because of a bug in klibc.
Please use yaird instead of initramfs-tools.  To do this, make sure
yaird is installed and initramfs-tools is not.

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