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Re: How to install ETCH

rharke@earthlink.net (Richard Harke) writes:

> It then displays a screen stating that no CDROM drive can be found, 
> Note: I didn't have this problem with the sarge net install

If it makes you feel better, I had exactly the same problem installing on an
rx2600 the other night.  I haven't made time to diagnose the underlying problem
yet, because I was in a hurry and so just grabbed a sarge install CD, used it
to get base installed, then when it came time to specify an apt source I told
it to let me edit the file manually, set up sources.list to contain etch lines,
and let 'er rip.  Install completed successfully, the only "trick" was to pick
a fresher kernel package than what the sarge installer had given me after the
rest of the install completed.

If you or someone else figured out why the cdrom isn't being found before I
get time to look at it, please let me know.


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