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Re: How to install ETCH

On Thu January 5 2006 02:57, you wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 01:06:21AM -0800, Richard Harke wrote:
> > Isn't there an easier way?
> I understand this is frustrating, but we really need a little more to
> go on to help you out.  Like exact commands and error messages, with
> versions of things.
> I run unstable on my zx2000 with all the trimmings without any issues,
> so asssuming you don't have strange hardware issues I can assure you
> it does work.
> -i
I guess I was a little too brief. The only hardware changes are:
I added memory to bring it up to 1.5GB and I now have a 300GB
harddrive. Also, since it doesn't appear that my recent hardware problems
were due to the drive, I'll probably put the 40GB original drive back
in, running both drives. Everything else is original equipment.

With the ETCH beta net install, it loads and goes through a series of
screens getting language and locale info. It then displays a screen
stating that no CDROM drive can be found, would I like to load a driver
from floppy? I answer no and the next screen asks if I would like
to manually configure the CDROM. A no here just leads back to
the no CDROM screen. a yes leads to screen allowing input
of a device-file descriptor with it defaulted to /dev/cdrom
I have tried /dev/hdc, and /dev/hdb .  /dev/hda is the hard drive
and there shouldn't be a /dev/hdd

Note: I didn't have this problem with the sarge net install

Richard Harke

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