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Re: MP3 playback crashes Totem (libxine)

Hi Ian and the list,

Sorry for the delay, I've performed additional tests.

> What machine/sound hardware/kernel?  I installed totem-xine on a zx2000 with
> Fortemedia QS3000Am, 2.6.14-rc2 and everything seems fine.

I'm running a hp workstation zx6000 with the original soundcard sold by
hp, which in fact is a standard Genius Sound Maker Live 5.1 sporting a
FortéMedia FM801 chipset. Updated Debian Sarge 3.1 r0a is installed with
kernel recompiled from the kernel.org tree.

> Usually I use beep-media-player with the ALSA output plugin and it
> "just works".

I wasn't aware of this player. Just works indeed. Thanks for pointing

After some testing, it seems that my initial problem with totem-xine
(MP3 playback random crashes) only appears with the goom animation
enabled. When no animation is displayed, or an other one is selected
(oscillosope, fftgraph, etc), everything is fine.

However, totem-gstreamer still pauses for roughly 1 sec after 6-7 sec of
playback, even when no animation is selected. I've noticed that
gstreamer0.8-oss is installed by default. As for libesd0. I've replaced
them with gstreamer0.8-alsa and libesd-alsa0. With this configuration,
totem-gstreamer refuses to start (no relevant information in the
console). The same applies with gstreamer0.8-esd. So, it seems that
totem-gstreamer uses OSS only, emulated by ALSA in my case.
Contrariwise, totem-xine directly uses ALSA (as can be checked with
lsof /dev/snd/*). Could this be the cause of the totem-gstreamer pause?

> alsa-oss appears to be a userspace program
> that wraps another program to do a similar thing (i.e. "fool" the
> program into thinking /dev/dsp is there), although I've never used it.

>From this column, explaining how to configure a Genius Sound Maker Live
5.1 soundcard with ALSA (http://xlife.zuavra.net/columns/20040418/), it
seems that the alsa-oss package is only here to allow mixing the output
of OSS and ALSA applications. This however is very different from the
description of the alsa-oss package in Debian, so I don't know which one
is right.

On a side note, when several plugins are provided for a given player or
framework (e.g. libsdl1.2debian), should I install the one with ALSA or
ESD support? I'm running the GNOME environment.


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