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Re: MP3 playback crashes Totem (libxine)

On Sun, Oct 02, 2005 at 07:36:25PM +0200, maschino@jouy.inra.fr wrote:
> MP3 playback randomly crashes Totem (libxine backend). Except for unaligned
> accesses, there's no usefull information on the console. Is there anybody out
> there experiencing the same troubles? I've checked that MPEG/DivX movies or DVD
> playbacks run flawlessly.

What machine/sound hardware/kernel?  I installed totem-xine on a zx2000 with
Fortemedia QS3000Am, 2.6.14-rc2 and everything seems fine.

Usually I use beep-media-player with the ALSA output plugin and it
"just works".

> More generally, I'm a little confused with the ALSA sound subsystem. Debian
> kernel 2.6 images include ALSA OSS emulation. There's also an alsa-oss package.
> The documentation of this package states it's a wrapper for OSS applications and
> say it's recommended to use it rather than the ALSA OSS emulation. However,
> recompiling a kernel (vanilla or Debianized one) without ALSA OSS emulation
> ends up with no usable /dev/dsp device for OSS applications (like totem-xine),
> even with the alsa-oss package installed. Is this normal? Should I also install
> gstreamer0.8-alsa? Or gstreamer0.8-oss? Or both?

Yes, this is to be expected.  /dev/dsp comes from the kernel OSS
support; with no OSS support it won't work.  Native ALSA devices are
something like /dev/snd/[blah].  ALSA OSS emulation is a kernel driver
that presents a /dev/dsp that looks like an OSS device to the program,
but actually uses the underlying ALSA system to output sound.  It was
made so that old programs that only know about OSS can still work as
you transition to ALSA.  alsa-oss appears to be a userspace program
that wraps another program to do a similar thing (i.e. "fool" the
program into thinking /dev/dsp is there), although I've never used it.


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