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Re: Has anyone ever got Debian to install on an SGI Altix?

On Fri, 26 Aug 2005, Tim Cutts wrote:

> Hi Christoph - no, indeed we have not talked for a long long time.  Probably
> almost 10 years!  Back in the heady days that I first packaged Exim for
> Debian...

Yes that was when I tried to use exim for the linux-kernel mailing list.

> You need to add console=ttySG0 as a boot parameter. The newer kernels 
> > longer use ttyS0 as a console.
> Well, that's got me some way further, thanks.  Care to mail me your .config so
> that I can build a kernel that actually, erm, works?  :-)

do a

make sn2_defconfig

and you will be fine.

Here is my build script for a SuSE kernel. Maybe bits an pieces of this 
will help.

set -ev
if [ ! -e .config ]; then
        make sn2_defconfig
rm -rf install
mkdir -p install/boot/efi/efi/SuSE
rm -f vmlinux*
make -j8
make modules
make INSTALL_PATH=install/boot install
make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=install modules_install
KV=`grep UTS_RELEASE include/linux/version.h |awk '{ print $3 }'`
KVERSION=`expr $KV : '\"\(.*\)\"'`
echo "Kernel version is $KVERSION"
cd install/boot
#rm *.old || echo "no old kernel"
mv vmlinuz vmlinuz-christoph
mv System.map System.map-christoph
cp vmlinuz-christoph efi/efi/SuSE
cd ..
tar czvf ~/k/k-$KVERSION.tgz *
cd ..

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