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Re: Has anyone ever got Debian to install on an SGI Altix?

Hi Time, have not talked to you in a long time....

On Fri, 26 Aug 2005, Tim Cutts wrote:

> I realise this is probably a forlorn hope, but we'd like to see just how
> difficult it is.  With most of the SGI-specific stuff now in the upstream
> kernel sources, it seems not beyond the realms of possibility.

Its very easy actually some of our engineers run Debian.

> Using this kernel, the machine boots a little way so I must have done
> *something* right, but I appear to have a console output problem, since
> console output stops after:

You need to add console=ttySG0 as a boot parameter. The newer kernels no 
longer use ttyS0 as a console.

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