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OpenOffice.org and other 32bit packages for ia64


i wrote a script that converts 32bit i386 packages for use on amd64,
namely rar, qemu and openoffice.org (and all their depends) for now
and I know that ia64 is in the same boat as amd64. Several packages
just aren't available but 32bit i386 code can be executed.

The package sets up a local apt archive containing the selected i386
debs and then converts them to the target arch putting them in the
local archive again. Automatic updating via cron job is planed for the

So, is anyone intrested in trying this out on ia64 and maybe even
comaintain it? You can download the package from


I'm afraid that everything is hardcoded to amd64 as target arch but a
s/amd64/ia64/ everywhere should solve that for a testrun.  If there is
intrest I can change it to pick the right arch automatically.


PS: CC me on replies as I'm not subscribed

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