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Re: Firefox locale packages still crashing during install

>>>>> On Wed, 6 Apr 2005 22:21:21 -0700, David Mosberger <davidm@linux.hpl.hp.com> said:

  David> Emeric, Since I was working on fixing mozilla-firefox anyhow,
  David> I decided to take another look at this problem and it turns
  David> out that a rebuild does NOT fix the problem.  Instead, the
  David> root cause for this crash is due to an ia64-specific bug in
  David> the XPCOM facility.  Specifically, any XPCOM call with more
  David> than 7 arguments would cause garbage to be passed in
  David> arguments 8-N and that could easily lead to a crash.  In the
  David> case of update-mozilla-firefox-chrome, it was a call to a
  David> JavaScript method that triggered this bug (easily verified by
  David> invoking mozilla-firefox -debug and then typing "r -register"
  David> inside gdb).

  David> I have a patch and will post it shortly after some more
  David> testing.





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