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Need help from ia64 users to debug a bug in login : #113508

tags 113508 help

(please keep 113508@bugs.d.o CC'ed to answers)

Dear ia64 users and maintainers,

Could you please help in trying to validate that the #113508 bug is
still here ?

In the initial bug report, Branden gives enough details for trying to
reproduce the bug. However, reproducing it needs to use login from a
ia64 box to another bow running rsh-server....which I'm not in
position to do, as far as I can see.

May some of you help in checking that this bug is still here or not.

The ia64 box should preferrably run a sarge system so that the test
happens with the latest release of the login package (4.0.3-31sarge1).

Many thanks in advance from the shadow package maintenance team...


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