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Re: cannot startx on sarge-ia64

Le mer 07/07/2004 à 11:47, Duraid Madina a écrit :
> OK, you might want to get in touch with Benjamin Morin, who seems to 
> have had the same problem you're experiencing now. See e.g.
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-ia64/2004/01/msg00034.html
Yes same symptoms !

> Perhaps Benjamin can let you know which kernel/XFree versions he has 
> managed to get working? I don't have any ATI hardware so I can't do much 
> testing myself..
I compile XFree 4.4 and Xorg without changes.

> > I think that the problem come from the ATI card/driver
> You're probably right - I think the kernel is stable enough that you're 
> unlikely to fix things by using another, and the XFree86 currently in 
> unstable seems to work for many people. Which drivers have you tried to use?
Good questions, the ati_drv.o under Xfree drivers ?
This out of my "competences" but if anybody know the way to retrieve
this informations..., but probably that is available on the log files
that I send.

> 	Duraid


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