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cannot startx on sarge-ia64


I have problem for launch X on itanium computer.
I have debian sarge.
X start without error, but I have a black screen and I cannot use
Just only CTRL+ALT+DEL work. or ssh connection from another computer to
kill startx process and derived.

Video card :            ATI Match 64 Rage XL 8Mb
xfree-common : 4.3

I try kernel 2.6.7, same problem.
Under redhat AS2.1 X (xfree 4.1) works

I make this operations :
- Starting under debian
- mount the rh partition under /mnt/rh
- cd /usr
- mv X11R6 X11R6-debian
- ln -s /mnt/rh/usr/X11R6 /usr/X11R6
- ldconfig
- startx and I have a beautifull kde 3.2 that run

I post the same email to xfree but without succès

If you need I can send the 2 XFree86.0.log or another informations
Superobe result ....

Thanks in advance for your attention


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