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Re: Building GLIBC

On Sunday 25 April 2004 08:14 am, Randolph Chung wrote:
> > The source is from a debian source package so I also
> > tried dpkg-deb -b glibc-2.3.2  First time it said no DEBIAN
> > sub-dir Well duh. It has a "debian" sub-dir Up cased debian
> > and tried again. This time says error at line 9
> > no package name, tho I didn't write it down.
> >
> > So did I miss some essential step or is it supposed to
> > be this difficult?
> apt-get build-dep glibc
> apt-get source -b glibc
> should work
> or, if you already have the build-dependencies and source files
> downloaded (.orig.tar.gz, .diff.gz, and .dsc):
> dpkg-source -x glibc*.dsc
> cd glibc-*
> make -f debian/rules build
> randolph
Thanks.  The last (make -f debian/rules build) did indeed work.
Unfortunatly, I think it was going to install it, which I definetly
didn't want. However, it stopped short in the test phase
because my 2.4.25 kernel is waay too old. (Note irony)
Also, when I ran it to see what it would say, it said built
on a 2.6.0 system. I think this means it used 2.6.0
headers. Also, I wanted to make a small change and test it.
But after the change it wouldn't run, saying build up to
date. It obviously didn't go through the source tree and
check the dates. So I re-ran the whole business. So then it
apparently unpacked the tarball instead using the source
tree. So I am back to square zero. Oh yeah, I also wanted
to run against the current kernel headers, not the ones I might
install next month.


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