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Re: Installation on SGI Altix 350

The best place to pose these Altix related questions would be the LSE-Tech
mailing list at SourceForge.  Everything discussed there relates to Linux
on NUMA machines, and the ongoing patch work related to this effort.

Pose your questions to lse-tech@lists.sourceforge.net, and ask to be cc'd
if you're not subscribed to the list.  I would recommend subbing though,
as one can learn quite a bit from the discussions.

Stan Hoeppner

Tim Cutts said:
> On 1 Apr 2004, at 12:11, Andreas U. Trottmann wrote:
>> So, does anyone have any hints? First for the kernel; is it just the
>> case that the debian kernel won't work on the altix? Does it have a
>> different memory map than others, which generates the relocation
>> problem?
> Oh yes, and then some.  The architecture of the Altix is really very
> different from other Itanium2 machines.  It uses SGI's own chips for
> the interconnects, and even if it booted, a generic kernel wouldn't
> know about the NUMA topology of the machine, so the performance would
> most likely be very poor.
> The scheduler in SGI's kernel that they supply you with is supposed to
> have a completely rewritten scheduler to understand the NUMA
> architecture.
>> And second for the "trying to overwrite": Is it possible to somewhere
>> put a "force-overwrite" in order to get the current sarge state
>> installed at all?
> I really don't think there's much point in doing what you're trying to
> do - lovely though Debian is, the performance is going to be very poor
> without SGI's kernel modifications, and that's assuming you get it to
> work at all.
> Tim
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