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RE: An install CD for SR870BN4

I have been thinking of mailing this to the group for some time now. Its
amazing how cumbersome it is to make an ISO that boots off EFI:

1. mkdir ./boot
2.  mkdir cd_files. Copy the following into cd_files directory
 	(a) vmlinux (ia64 kernel )
	(b) elilo.efi from the ia64 box 
	(c) the elilo.conf with the entries - default=Linux

3. create a MS-DOS partition of type FAT16
    dd if=/dev/zero of=boot/siboot.img bs=1024k count=10
     mkdosfs  -F 16 boot/siboot.img
4. mount -t vfat -o loop boot/siboot.img /mnt1
5. cp -av ./cd_files/* /mnt1  
6. mkisofs -J -r -T -v -pad -b boot/siboot.img -c boot/boot.catalog
-noemul-boot -boot-load-size 1 -o cdrom.img .
7. You can check the file layout of the cdrom.img my mounting it
    Mount -o loop cdrom.img /mnt
8. Burn the image with cdrecord on a linux box:
	cdrecord dev=/dev/sg0 speed=16 -pad -verbose cdrom.img 
  [ I tried with windows burner but EFI shell did not recognize it. May
be don't know how to specify the options I guess..use linux if you can]
9. reboot your ia64 system with the CD and get into the EFI shell. If
your EFI shell can not map the cdrom drive then, there could be a
problem in burning the iso. 
10. lets say if cdrom is mapped to fs0. Then getin there and run elilo
and this should load the kernel.
11. The other important check you can do is to run md5sum to see if
there is a descrepency in checksums between the stuff that is copied
onto boot/siboot.img vs the original files.
   Ex: mount -o loop boot/siboot.img /mnt1
 	 Cd /mnt1
	 'Md5sum elilo.efi'  SAME AS 'md5sum cd_files/elilo.efi'
12. If you want to enable autoboot from efi, then elilo.efi needs to be
under efi/boot. Otherwise you need to manually run elilo from efi shell
to load the kernel.

Hopefully this helps and you don't have to go through what I had gone
through to make a bootable ia64cd...


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From: Leonardo Macchia [mailto:leo@bononia.it] 
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2004 3:14 PM
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Subject: An install CD for SR870BN4


I'm searching for a bootable CD for installing Debian (stable or
testing, it's not important, just to test it) on an Intel SR870BN4 with
four Itanium2 1,30 GHz.

3.0_r2 CD starts but installation halts just after welcome ("determine
installation state..."): machine works (ALT-F2 give me a shell), but
installation process remains in state "D" indefinitly.

I even tryied
it starts but the keyboard does not work... it's because this machine
has no PS/2 connections for keyboard... you have to use an USB keyboard.

Any suggestion?

Thank you, Leonardo.

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