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Re: KDE font antialiasing problem

I didn't have any AntiAliasing variable in kdeglobals. So I added
it with =true. I didn't know  what section to put it in, so I
put it in [general]   I then re-started X  (startx) I don't use KDM.
I tried the capitalization as above and also all lower case.
I didn't see any difference.
I turned it on and off in control center, re-starting Konqueror
each time. Runs fine either way but I don't really see any
difference in the fonts.


On Friday 30 January 2004 01:06 am, Emeric Maschino wrote:
> Please, can you check that AntiAliasing=true in your
> .kde/share/config/kdeglobals? I already experienced the case where the
> antialiasing font box was checked int the Control Center, but in fact
> disabled due the variable being not set in the KDE config file.
> With nVIDIA 40.50 and hp-customized 44.31 drivers, I have some graphic
> artifacts like you. And logging out to the login screen (I'm using kdm)
> gives an incorrect screen. I must switch to a text console and then go
> back to the X mode to have the screen redrawn correctly. I don't use any
> framebuffer that freezes the X server on my hp workstation i2000.
> However, I have no problem at all with nVIDIA driver 31.27 (no artifact
> at all, no incorrect login screen). I'm still using the original XFree86
> 4.1.0 supplied with Woody 3.0r2. My Linux kernel is a customized
> 2.4.19-itanium-smp too (DIG platform, not generic).
> > I'm using KDE on a ZX2000. I didn't know about font anti-aliasing
> > so I looked at Control Center, Appearance & Themes, Fonts
> > There is a check by "Use anti-aliasing for fonts."
> > No check by "Exclude range"
> > and no check by "Use sub-pixel hinting"
> > Kernel is 2.4.19, custom built
> > X is, I believe 4.3.0, an experimental package
> > I'm using an Nvidia driver downloaded from HP
> > Works fine except it sometimes overwrites the task icons on the task bar
> > with images from some recently run task. This is in some kind
> > of blending mode as the text usually remains readable.
> >
> > Richard

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