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Re: KDE font antialiasing problem

Please, can you check that AntiAliasing=true in your
.kde/share/config/kdeglobals? I already experienced the case where the
antialiasing font box was checked int the Control Center, but in fact
disabled due the variable being not set in the KDE config file.

With nVIDIA 40.50 and hp-customized 44.31 drivers, I have some graphic
artifacts like you. And logging out to the login screen (I'm using kdm)
gives an incorrect screen. I must switch to a text console and then go
back to the X mode to have the screen redrawn correctly. I don't use any
framebuffer that freezes the X server on my hp workstation i2000.
However, I have no problem at all with nVIDIA driver 31.27 (no artifact
at all, no incorrect login screen). I'm still using the original XFree86
4.1.0 supplied with Woody 3.0r2. My Linux kernel is a customized
2.4.19-itanium-smp too (DIG platform, not generic).

> I'm using KDE on a ZX2000. I didn't know about font anti-aliasing
> so I looked at Control Center, Appearance & Themes, Fonts
> There is a check by "Use anti-aliasing for fonts."
> No check by "Exclude range"
> and no check by "Use sub-pixel hinting"
> Kernel is 2.4.19, custom built
> X is, I believe 4.3.0, an experimental package
> I'm using an Nvidia driver downloaded from HP
> Works fine except it sometimes overwrites the task icons on the task bar
> with images from some recently run task. This is in some kind
> of blending mode as the text usually remains readable.
> Richard

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