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Framebuffer in future Debian IA-64 releases


I would like to know if it would be possible to disable by default the
framebuffer support in the Linux kernel images for future Debian IA-64
releases? Or at least compile it as a module rather than building it
directly into the kernel. In fact, many of us are running Itanium
workstations with nVIDIA graphics adapters. And in order to enable 3D
hardware acceleration, the nVIDIA-supplied drivers must be installed.
But the associated README files clearly state it's usually a bad thing
to use two different "drivers" (nVIDIA and framebuffer in this case) for
the same piece of hardware. Furthermore, we could recompile the nVIDIA
drivers by just installing the kernel-headers package rather than having
to install the kernel-source package and recompile a whole kernel.

Am I the only one concerned by this little annoyance or other people do
agree with this observation?


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