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Re: bug tracking problems?

David Mosberger writes...

> I found now that if I search for David.Mosberger@acm.org, I do find
> most of my reports.

Yeah it uses whatever address you used when filing it.

> Maybe my frustration is not with the bug-tracking system but with the
> fact that my reports are ignored, despite containing patches?

When sending patches to the BTS you might want to add a "patch" tag.
I have added the patch tag to #224715 and #224746. Also, as you
indicate in the report, #224344 is really a glibc problem so I have
reassign'd the bug there. Information on manipulating bugs is at,
You don't have to do it yourself but if it's clear what needs to be
done it can help speed up the process.

All the bugs filed by David.Mosberger@acm.org are less than a month
old(and over a major holiday as well), so I'm not surprised they
haven't been dealt with yet. If they aren't fixed within a couple weeks
ask another debian maintainer to prepare a Non-Maintainer-Upload(or
prepare one yourself and get a maintainer to upload it for you).


Matt Taggart

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