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bug tracking problems?

Is there a known problem with the Debian bug tracking?  Over the last
couple of days/weeks, I submitted several bug reports with patches to
make gtkhtml, evolution, and mysql-server work for Debian/testing on
ia64.  I got confirmation of the bug reports having been received, but
if I go to bugs.debian.org, I can't find them anywhere _unless_ I have
the exact bug number.  Unfortunately, I didn't keep all the bug
numbers, but one example is for mysql-server: the bug number is
158643.  If I search for that bug number, it shows up just fine, but
it doesn't show up under the mysql-server bug page.  Also, searching
for submitter email (davidm@mostang.com) doesn't show up anything.

It's kind of frustrating when someone takes the time to submit
bug-reports (with bug-fixes!) and then the reports just seem to get

BTW: I also found that printing/print previewing in Gnome applications
doesn't work unless freetype2 is compiled with -O instead of -O2 (I
also re-built libgnomeprintui, but I'm not 100% sure whether that
really made a difference).  I haven't looked into the root cause for
the freetype2 problem yet, but perhaps it has to do with the many
strict-aliasing warnings that GCC reports.  If so, a cleaner
workaround might be to compile with -fno-strict-aliasing.


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