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Re: Cyrus crashes on RX2600

Gregor Weissmann wrote:
> kernel is a self-compiled 2.4.20 - this fact leads me to my next
> question -
> i compiled the kernel as is used to on i386 - (make dep && make clean
> && make )
> and tried a make bzImage which didn't work (there is no such target...
> ). i gzipping the
> kernel by hand, but it was really large (22M, allready zipped using
> gzip -9), the only
> thing that helped, was stripping the kernel , now its around 2M - my
> question now:
> could this lead to such problems?

   It shouldn't, that's essentially what the makefiles do if
you use the 'compressed' build target.  If in doubt, compare
results using the Debian unstable 2.4.20 kernel to your own.


Alex Williamson                             HP Linux & Open Source Lab

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