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Itanium2 1.5Ghz SPE CFP 2000, Altix - WOW!

                             SPEC CFP2000 Summary
                   SGI SGI Altix 3000 (1500MHz, Itanium 2)
                           Sat Jun  7 18:56:51 2003

SPEC License #4     Test date: Jun-2003     Hardware availability: Jun-2003
Tester: SGI                                Software availability: Jun-2003


   SPECfp_base2000                       2041
   SPECfp2000                            2055

     Hardware Vendor: SGI
          Model Name: SGI Altix 3000 (1500MHz, Itanium 2)
                 CPU: Intel Itanium 2
             CPU MHz: 1500
                 FPU: Integrated
      CPU(s) enabled: 1
    CPU(s) orderable: 4-64
            Parallel: No
       Primary Cache: 16KBI + 16KBD (on chip) per CPU
     Secondary Cache: 256KB (on chip) per CPU
            L3 Cache: 6.0MB (on chip) per CPU


IBM is still in the game with Power4+ 1700Mhz at 1598 base and 1699 peak.
UltraSparc and MIPs may as well throw in the towell...

Stan Hoeppner

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