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Re: Cyrus crashes on RX2600

kernel is a self-compiled 2.4.20 - this fact leads me to my next
question - 
i compiled the kernel as is used to on i386 - (make dep && make clean
&& make ) 
and tried a make bzImage which didn't work (there is no such target...
). i gzipping the 
kernel by hand, but it was really large (22M, allready zipped using
gzip -9), the only 
thing that helped, was stripping the kernel , now its around 2M - my
question now: 
could this lead to such problems?


>> I just installed stable-packages, nothing from testing/unstable.
>You didn't say what kernel version you're running, but the prepacked
>in 'stable' aren't very current.  You'd be much happier with a 2.4.20
>image package from unstable if you're still running 2.4.17 ...

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