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Re: Testers needed: is smartmontools 64-bit clean?

> On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 01:51:32PM -0500, Bruce Allen wrote:
> > Grant,
> > 
> > Thanks for sending this -- I noticed a couple of things that seem odd, so
> > I am going to make some inquiries.  So I may ask you to do some more
> > testing if we find something that's broken and needs fixing.
> Here's the happ64 output. Summary is it seems to work fine too.
> That's a 32-bit user space with 64-bit kernel.

Thank you -- that's good to hear.

> Only have regular SCSI disks (LVD) connected to this box.
> Attached is /proc/scsi/scsi output.
> And "smartctl -a" output for 8 (or 9) disks with "smartctl -V".


> BTW, running "cvs up" updated two files relative to ia64 sm5 test:
> 	grundler@gsyprf11:/usr/src/sm5$ cvs update
> 	P atacmds.c
> 	P scsicmds.c

Ahh, this is why I wanted the output of "-V". Unfortunately sourceforge's
cvs pserver is one to three days out-of-date.

> And I wasn't comfortable running on any of the "smartctl -t" on this
> box. It looks like most of the disks are in use.

In fact if you can run the -t tests; these use background disk cycles when
they are not loaded, and won't interfere with the OS.   Just DON'T use the
"-C" (captive) option.  This WILL interfere with the users/OS.


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