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Re: Testers needed: is smartmontools 64-bit clean?

On Sun, Jun 29, 2003 at 10:13:18AM -0500, Bruce Allen wrote:
> Recently, in response to an inquiry from a PPC user, I removed the "little
> endian x86 bias" from the code.  Before generating a new release, I would
> also like to verify that the code is 64-bit clean. Could a few linux
> IA64/AXP users from this group please download smartmontools from CVS and
> test that it works correctly for them?

very cool!

> To test the code, please see http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/ for
> instructions on how to download the latest code from CVS.  Please do NOT
> use one of the existing releases (such as 5.1-14) as it does not have the
> latest code base. Then send or post the output of smartctl -a for any ATA
> or SCSI devices that you have.

attached for RX2600 (ia64) with SCSI and FC disks connected.
I'll try for parisc (A500) as well - but that only has 64-bit kernel
and not 64-bit userspace.

> Also, please try running self-tests with the smartctl -t option,
> and send or post additional smartctl -a output
> when those tests have completed.

Seems to work too:
gsyprf3:/usr/src/sm5# smartctl -t offline /dev/sdf
smartctl version 5.1-15 Copyright (C) 2002-3 Bruce Allen
Home page is http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/

Default Self Test Successful
gsyprf3:/usr/src/sm5# smartctl -a /dev/sdf
smartctl version 5.1-15 Copyright (C) 2002-3 Bruce Allen
Home page is http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/

Device: HP       9.10GB C 80-F612 Version:     
Serial number: PL007670        
Device type: disk
Local Time is: Mon Jun 30 09:24:47 2003 PDT
Device supports SMART and is Enabled
Temperature Warning Enabled
SMART Health Status: OK
Current Drive Temperature:     33 C
Drive Trip Temperature:        65 C
Manufactured in week 04 of year 2001
Current start stop count:      92 times
Recommended start stop count:  10000 times

Error counter log:
          Errors Corrected    Total      Total   Correction     Gigabytes    Total
	      delay:       [rereads/    errors   algorithm      processed    uncorrected
	    minor | major  rewrites]  corrected  invocations   [10^9 bytes]  errors
read:          0       62         0         0          0      41288.144		  0
write:         0      127         0         0          0       4669.524           0

Non-medium error count:      608
No self-tests have been logged
Long (extended) Self Test duration: 665 seconds [11.1 minutes]

One gripe: would be nice if the output fit in 80 columns...maybe that's
not feasible...


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