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Testers needed: is smartmontools 64-bit clean?

Smartmontools is a package for monitoring the SMART status of ATA and SCSI
disks. SMART is a feature built into most modern disks that continuously
monitors the health and operational status of the disk.

Recently, in response to an inquiry from a PPC user, I removed the "little
endian x86 bias" from the code.  Before generating a new release, I would
also like to verify that the code is 64-bit clean. Could a few linux
IA64/AXP users from this group please download smartmontools from CVS and
test that it works correctly for them?

To test the code, please see http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/ for
instructions on how to download the latest code from CVS.  Please do NOT
use one of the existing releases (such as 5.1-14) as it does not have the
latest code base. Then send or post the output of smartctl -a for any ATA
or SCSI devices that you have.  Also, please try running self-tests with
the smartctl -t option, and send or post additional smartctl -a output
when those tests have completed.


Bruce Allen

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