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Re: Pseudo-newbie installation query

tjrc@sanger.ac.uk (Tim Cutts) writes:

> Just got an HP rx2600 on loan, and am interested in installing Linux on
> it for a comparison with HP-UX, which it has pre-installed.  The Debian
> install docs don't yet seem to have differentiated from x86, so weren't
> much help.  I imagine I have to drop into EFI, or whatever it's called,
> and then boot from the CD, but I don't know how to do that on this
> arch.

Select "EFI Shell" from the list of boot options you get in the boot manager,
then look for the list of choices displayed and find the one that has the
text "CDROM" in it.  Should be fs0, might be different depending on system
disk configuration.  If fs0 is the CDROM, type "fs0:" at the shell prompt to 
change to that disk.  Then, you should be able to just type 'elilo' to get 
the Linux boot loader running, and very quickly it should look like a 
"normal" Debian install.

The only part that may feel unfamiliar is using 'parted' to set up disk
partitions.  You need at least one FAT partition for use by elilo, make sure
you don't forget to create that.

> I have some experience installing Debian on Alpha boxes before, and
> oodles of experience on x86, so I'm not a total newbie but I could do
> with some pointers to get me started with the hardware-specific bits...

Feel free to ask here if you have more questions!


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