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Pseudo-newbie installation query

Just got an HP rx2600 on loan, and am interested in installing Linux on
it for a comparison with HP-UX, which it has pre-installed.  The Debian
install docs don't yet seem to have differentiated from x86, so weren't
much help.  I imagine I have to drop into EFI, or whatever it's called,
and then boot from the CD, but I don't know how to do that on this

I have some experience installing Debian on Alpha boxes before, and
oodles of experience on x86, so I'm not a total newbie but I could do
with some pointers to get me started with the hardware-specific bits...

Judging by the quietness of this list in the few days I've been
subscribed, I imagine the number of people running Debian on IA64 is
currently rather small!

Thanks in advance...


Dr Tim Cutts
Informatics Systems Group
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1SA, UK

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