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Re: Galeon and Woody

> > If we force people to use gconf2, we don't have to deal with the
> > gconf1/gconf2 switching issues.
> It's unrealistic to expect this with something that people are already pulling
> the unstable package for...

Well, if you do have installed gconf2, it will be run by default. So we
would only have to deal with gconf2.

But i believe i can modifiy the galeon wrapper and the
galeon-config-tool to work with both gconf1 and gconf2.

> > We should be able to wait these 7-10 days, i hope.
> Unless someone looks at the ia64 build failure, or decides that ia64 is
> not going to be shipping galeon with woody, the 7-10 days are irrelevant...

Could it be that galeon needs to be compiled with gcc-3.0 as well on
ia64? - mozilla is compiled with gcc-3.0 there.


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