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Bug report - Installation, no /etc/fstab

        Just got hold of a few HP itaniums as part of a HP/Intel grant.

        Anyway, I installed debian on one of the machines yesterday (HP
i2000, single processor), and had a minor problem.

        Basically the install process never created an /etc/fstab, which
meant that the system died when it tried to boot (as / was mounted
read-only).  I fixed the problem by using the rescue cd mounting the /
filesystem, and writing an fstab from scratch.  The system now
boots/runs fine, although things have been a little flaky.  The iso
image I used to create the CD is: cd-20010810.iso.  

        Not sure exactly where to report this, or what package the bug
belongs to.  If you require any more information please feel free to
email me (either on this list, or personally).

        On a related topic, anyone know how good is the Linux
multiprocessor support for itanium (both 2 and 4 way)?


Brett Nash <brettn@cse.unsw.edu.au>
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