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Re: Installing cd-20010810.iso on HP i2000--Can't see hard drive

>>>>> On Thu, 16 Aug 2001 17:04:46 -0600, Daniel Farnsworth Teichert <danielt@ee.byu.edu> said:

  Daniel> On this one that I've been working on, it doesn't ever show
  Daniel> that screen, but goes right to the Itanium logo with the
  Daniel> 'Boot OS' or 'Enter Setup' buttons, and the little timer
  Daniel> counting down--which is I think what you're referring to as
  Daniel> the 'splash screen.' That screen works fine, as far as I
  Daniel> know, and so does the EFI Boot Manager (which I think is the
  Daniel> next thing to come up).

That's a sign that the scsi adapter was not detected.  Use the boot
manager to start "nshell" (EFI command line shell).  Then you should
be able to look at the detected PCI devices.  I'm not sure off the top
of my head what the command is called, but if you invoke "help", you
should find it quickly.  If that's the problem, you may want to verify
that the scsi adapter is firmly seated in its pci slot.


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