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Re: Installing cd-20010810.iso on HP i2000--Can't see hard drive

I did email HP'sw support just a bit ago, so I guess that's in the works.
As far as the booting part goes, we have two Itanium's here, and the other
one brings up a text screen very first off where you can press ALT-Q to
format the hard drive. In the 'Read Before Installing a Different O/S' sheet
they sent to us, it describes this as 'The SCSI POST' screen--at least, I'm
assuming that's what it is. I only saw it very briefly on the other machine.

On this one that I've been working on, it doesn't ever show that screen,
but goes right to the Itanium logo with the 'Boot OS' or 'Enter Setup' buttons,
and the little timer counting down--which is I think what you're referring to
as the 'splash screen.' That screen works fine, as far as I know, and so does
the EFI Boot Manager (which I think is the next thing to come up).

I ought to clarify that the SCSI POST screen (which I guess isn't the BIOS,
as I think I first described it, but something that comes before that? Sorry.)
has *never* showed up on this computer--I was watching for it on the very first
boot. So I'm not sure that it's the same problem as the not-being-able-to-
find-the-hard-drive thing, since that only happened later--after a successful
Red Hat installation that could see the hard drive fine.

Anyway, thanks for your help--if you have any other ideas, let me know. I
don't mind pulling the thing open--although we opened the other one, and it
was quite an intricate process : ). I'm not confident in my knowing which
things to play with, if I were to do so, either : ). Anyway, we'll see what
the HP email turns up, too. Thanks again!


On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 06:33:17PM -0400, COBURN,JEFF (HP-Loveland,ex1) wrote:
> Daniel,
> Sounds like an interesting problem.  If I understand correctly, the first
> thing you see on your monitor is the EFI Boot Manager?  So the SCSI bios
> isn't bannering, and you don't get the BIOS splash screen with the options
> "Boot OS" or "Enter Setup"?  If you're comfortable working inside the box,
> you could try pulling the scsi card to try and at least get the BIOS splash
> screen.  You could also give us a call for technical support.  The number is
> 1-800-593-6631, and it's option 2 for linux support.  
> Regards,
> Jeff

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