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Re: need help to install

gmulas@ca.astro.it (Giacomo Mulas) writes:

> What is the current status of the Debian port?

The machine I've been working with has been quite stable for weeks now.  Just
last week, we got an autobuilder running on it, and the number of packages
built and in the distribution has grown substantially as a result.

> Is it feasible/reasonable to install Debian from scratch on an ia64?

It's possible right now, but not easy.  We were chatting last night about the
need to get the boot-floppies package built so that installation becomes
reasonable.  Some work has been done on it, more needs to be done to support
the IA-64 flavor of LILO and related pieces involved in the bootstrap.

> Can I expect to be able to install and run gcc, g77, some flavour
> of (X)Emacs and X on it?

We're using the same toolchain the majority of the IA-64 community is using,
which is derived from 2.96 gcc plus patches.  We're hoping to converge towards
the standard Debian gcc package in the gcc 3.0 timeframe once IA-64 support
is good.  

We've had X built for a while, and many X-based packages have been built.  
I've only tried firing up an X server once, soon after our first build.  It 
didn't come up instantly, but I have spent no time on it since.  It could be 
as simple as a bad config file, or it could be that the Debian X packages 
need an IA-64 specific patch.  I don't know.

There's a platform-specific patch required for emacs, I'm trying an emacs20
build right now.


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