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is ddtp.debian.org ready / in production? Note MR to update dak

Today in an unrelated conversation I learned about this Merge Request to
update dak to point to ddtp.debian.org instead of ddtp2.debian.net:


I noticed that ddtp2.debian.net seems down and ddtp.debian.org seems to
work, but for what I've read in this list in the past days, I *think*
there were some issues that still needed to be fixed.

So, if it's not ready yet, maybe somebody should put "WIP" to that Merge
Request to avoid it to be merged until it's ready.
And if it's ready, let's announce it here so the language coordinators
can ping their respective language teams and start translating/reviewing
in the new instance. I'm also happy to help in updating the references
to the server in www.debian.org, wiki.debian.org etc

Laura Arjona Reina

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