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Re: is ddtp.debian.org ready / in production? Note MR to update dak

Hi Laura,

Le 16/07/2020 à 20:17, Laura Arjona Reina a écrit :
> Hi
> Today in an unrelated conversation I learned about this Merge Request to
> update dak to point to ddtp.debian.org instead of ddtp2.debian.net:
> https://salsa.debian.org/ftp-team/dak/-/merge_requests/208


> I noticed that ddtp2.debian.net seems down and ddtp.debian.org seems to
> work, but for what I've read in this list in the past days, I *think*
> there were some issues that still needed to be fixed.

ddtp2.debian.net is indeed down.
ddtp.debian.org is working and Andrey said recently on the i18n ML that
he was testing a fix for the last encoding issue we found.

> So, if it's not ready yet, maybe somebody should put "WIP" to that Merge
> Request to avoid it to be merged until it's ready.

You're right. I don't think I have the rights to do this, so I posted a
comment asking to put the MR in WIP until the encoding issue is fixed.

> And if it's ready, let's announce it here so the language coordinators
> can ping their respective language teams and start translating/reviewing
> in the new instance. I'm also happy to help in updating the references
> to the server in www.debian.org, wiki.debian.org etc

Thanks a lot.

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