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Re: Sharing thoughts about the ddtp approaches

Hello Jean-Philippe,

Just some quick & partial answers.

Dixit Jean-Philippe MENGUAL, le 05/10/2019 :
>I have been a regular translator on the ddtp for some months, and had
>dialogs with the French team since the Marseille Minidebconf on May.
>Thanks to them for their support and motivation.
>My concern is that we are very few contrib, and the work is giant. Many
>packages, but also many movements in packages (descriptions updats,
>additional packages, etc). I do not see how human beings can hope to
>translate all the packages descs in such conditions someday and for how
>long. Also because there as much work for translating as reviewing.
You speak here about DDTSS. 
There are 2 interfaces to the DDTP
(https://www.debian.org/international/l10n/ddtp#l1) :
the email (named official in the link above), and the web frontend

>My thoughts are the following:
>1. Could we automate more some translations:
>a) python-* and python3-* have the same descs. We should be able to
>translate both python and python3 translating one of them.
>b) linux-*-dbg: the string is similar, the translation should be
>automated, optionally put in the reviewing string for safety
You can translate the first one with the DDTSS, using the review
process, and then translate all the others by email ?


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