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Sharing thoughts about the ddtp approaches


I have been a regular translator on the ddtp for some months, and had
dialogs with the French team since the Marseille Minidebconf on May.
Thanks to them for their support and motivation.

My concern is that we are very few contrib, and the work is giant. Many
packages, but also many movements in packages (descriptions updats,
additional packages, etc). I do not see how human beings can hope to
translate all the packages descs in such conditions someday and for how
long. Also because there as much work for translating as reviewing.

My thoughts are the following:
1. Could we automate more some translations:
a) python-* and python3-* have the same descs. We should be able to
translate both python and python3 translating one of them.
b) linux-*-dbg: the string is similar, the translation should be
automated, optionally put in the reviewing string for safety
c) bindings: python bindings have often translated "This is the Python
binding for ... module" for qt5. Short and long desc may be translated

Unfortunately I dont know Perl, Regex etc, but could not we have
somthing done during a sprint or whatever?

2. It seems some teams are more advanced than us, eg. the Italian one.
Could we share some techniques, approaches, tools, to study together how
to speed up the process? we could start with some IRC meeting, and more
during FOSDEM or minidebconf or a dedicated sprint.

Hoping some feedback

Best regards

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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