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Solved - thanks a lot Thomas (Was: ddtp2.debian.net down? ("Lisa, if you don't like your job".... messages))

On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 10:53:00AM +0100, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Andreas,
> This time, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the GPLHost's server.

I remember this yearly refresh mails but I did not got one this time.

> Simply, you have received a mail telling you the VM was expired, and
> that you needed to get in touch to renew it. You did not. So the system
> has shutdown your VMs automatically.

I remember this procedure from previous years but - may be I need to
check my SPAM folder? :-(
> I went ahead and fixed the expiration date, plus booted-up the VMs.

Thanks a lot for this quick and helpful action! (And thanks in
general for providing gplhost.)
> Right now, I'm not sure if giving you the credentials once more is going
> to be useful, if 1/ you are unable to read your mailbox or if the
> messages aren't reaching you, and/or 2/ if you cannot do the password
> recovery procedure at:
> https://dtc.xen01.node3324.gplhost.com/dtc/recover_pass.php
> which I already explained to you :(

Yes, this is what you explained but for some reason did not work and I'm
very sorry about this but I tend to forget things and procedures advises
that are just with a yearly frequency.  I'd **really** love if you would
give the credentials to somebody else than me since I'm way to busy with
other stuff.  I was just initial the only DD who cared about moving ddtp
from some unrelieable hardware to some kindly sponsored virtual machine.
Since I have no other machine running here any more for me its just a
burden I would love to hand over whoever wants to do this.
Kind regards



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