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Unnecessary "fuzzying" of D-I translations in Weblate


A couple of weeks ago, a bunch (~hundred) of already translated strings in the Weblate instance at <https://hosted.weblate.org/languages/is/debian-installer/>, it seems that all/most other languages are affected too.

These strings are said to have failed some tests, almost always the complaint is that original string and translation is the same. For my language it's quite normal that many sources and translations are identical, and then there are strings like "SCSI%s (%s,%s,%s) (%s)".

This is either due to something like a re-upload of source strings, or (more likely), an upgrade of the Weblate system.

My points are; I've already been through this at least once, it's quite clumsy and laborious in the web-interface to go through each string and switch off the failing test tag, and not least: sometimes it's not even possible to switch off the failing test tag.

Is there someone who could take a look at this or talk to the Weblate-folks?

Best regards,
Sveinn í Felli

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