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RE: Tajik translation for debian-installer

Dear Christian,

Could you please, help to find the right POT file with country names and
send it to me for Tajik translation.
I will then send it back as a bug report once translated into Tajik.

Thank you for prompt reply,

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From: Christian PERRIER [mailto:bubulle@debian.org] 
Sent: Monday, February 5, 2018 12:36 PM
To: victor.ibragimov@gmail.com
Cc: debian-i18n@lists.debian.org; 'Holger Wansing' <linux@wansing-online.de>
Subject: Re: Tajik translation for debian-installer

Quoting victor.ibragimov@gmail.com (victor.ibragimov@gmail.com):
> Hi Debian-i18n team!
> Tajik translation for debian-installer (sublevel1) is now 100%.
> However, the translation is not final, as some terminology is still 
> under the review by our local language authority (the Committee of 
> Language and Terminology by the Government of Republic of Tajikistan).
> Meantime I am checking the updated Tajik translations by going through 
> the installations process to resolve some stylistic and declination 
> issues, so I need fresh daily ISO builds with updated Tajik translations.
> Also I found that country names are not translated into Tajik. It 
> looks like translation files for debian-installer do not contain country
names as well.
> So, please, prompt on how to translate country names into Tajik. 

This is described in the D-I i18n documentation: country names translations
are in the iso-codes package, which is not under maintenance by the D-I team
(I happened to be one of its maintainerss some years ago but handed
maintenance over to Tobias Quatamer).

The D-I i18n documentation also describes a few other things that happen to
be visible in D-I but are not maintained by the D-I team. This is what's
called the levels 2 and 3. iso-codes is the most important of all these.

iso-codes can be translated through the Translation Project (a l10n
infrastructure which is external to the Debian Project), or manually by
downloading the source code, finding the right POT file and sending
translation back as a bug report against the iso-codes package.

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