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Re: Let's move to ddtp.debian.org - mail interface

On 17-12-06 04:43, Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:
> > What about mail interface? Does somebody still using it?
> > Do we need it?
> Please don't skip the mail interface. It is very helpful for understaffed
> "teams" like the german one (basically me).
> I don't use the mail interface to get new work to translate. I use it for
> trivial changes in my point of view.
> Over all, i think that the mail interface is a powerful tool, but dangerous
> as well. $(random contributor) has direct access without review. Perhaps the
> access to it should be coupled to a DDTP account.

Thanks for the answer.
If someone uses it, then I think we should keep it for now.

> A nice feature before the move to ddtp2.debian.net was the automatic answer
> to submissions. It showed errors in the files submitted and contained a
> direct link to the new database entry. At present one has to open the web
> interface to check whether the translation made it into the DB and if the
> encoding is ok. According to file(1) I send "UTF-8 Unicode English text,
> with very long lines". Sometimes I forget to change "Description-de:" to
> "Description-de.UTF-8:" and get garbage. The mail digestion routine relys on
> this instead of checking the file type of the attachment.
> Beatrice, Joe, Helix84; Martijn: I'm very interested in your opinion.

Best regards,
Andrey Skvortsov

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