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Re: Fwd: Re: KLog translation help needed

Hello all,

> KLog, now I think I can ask for your help and ask you to help me
> translating in new languages.
It might be a good idea to briefly introduce klog.

Yes, of course.
KLog is a hamradio logger. For no hamradio operators, it is a software used to log all the communications that a hamradio does with his/her radio equipment.
You can see some screenshots and get more info in the website:

> The rest of the languages are, either not translated or the translation
> is a little bit outdated.

It might be helpful to list all languages, their status and their last
maintainer, so people can check if that person is active.
Active translations: English, Japanese, Spanish and possibly Croatian.
On the way but still not finished: Polish
Non active and possibly outdated:  Catalan

> You can get the translation files from the SVN:
> http://svn.savannah.gnu.org/viewvc/klog/trunk/translations/

At least on Debian stable I cannot:
I did not sent the SVN URL but the web browser URL...
Try this one:

10 days is extremely short, because first a translation needs to be
done, than often a qa round is happening, which easily takes much more
than 10 days.
It is not a big file :-) but I understand. I have been leading the KDE-es translation team for 10 years ;-)
I understand the hard work of translating... (and the invisible it usually is!)

How often are you releaseing? I.e. if a language misses this deadline,
when would be the next window? Some projects release only once a very
few months (or even years), while others regularly release every few
I release when  I have time. :-)
Usually 3-7 times per year so if someone miss a release it is not a big deal.
It is much better to potentially have a new translation for next release the. Not having it at all, so I will thank any effort, for next or the following release. THANKS!

Btw., you might want to look at podebconf-report-po(1), which
automates much of what I asked above.

I will do. Thank you for the hint.


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