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KLog translation help needed

Hello translators.

I am writing here to ask for your help to translate KLog to more languages.

KLog is a free software for hamradio operators.

Today KLog is in Croatian, Japanese, Spanish and Catalan (this last one
is a little bit outdated).

Is being translated also into Polish since a couple of days.

Translating KLog may be a little of a challenge for non-hamradio
operators as may have some "ham-slang" :-) but most of the English is
plain English and can be easily translated.

The standard translation file is ".ts" as I am developing with Qt but
you will also find the ".pot" file (gettext) in the SVN as I am creating
it also.

The files can be downloaded form here:


I would really appreciate some help to bring KLog to new languages!

More info about KLog here:

KLog homepage: http://www.klog.xyz/

KLog in Debian: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/klog

Thank you so much for your help


jaime@robles.es / jaime@debian.org

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