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Re: Time for translation to get into stable release

>> If i translate an application that are used in Debian and submit >> it
>>     today and it is approved today... how long does it take from now
>>     before my translation gets into Debian stable release?

That's up to the maintainer of each individual package. First and
foremost, unless you're translating a package that appears only in
Debian or debconf templates of a package, you really should send your
translation to the upstream package where it will appear in the next
upstream release. Then you need to wait for the debian package
maintainer (won't hurt to ping them) to package that upstream release.
Whether that package version is part of Stretch will depend on the
freeze deadlines [1] (full freeze for updates to existing packages).

[1] https://release.debian.org/#release-dates

It hard to understand when i don't know what all the different stuff mean. Like upstream.

But right now i'm translating Quod Libet some sort of tag editing music application. And i would like to know it that can get into the next Debian stable release.

So it says "[2017-Feb-05] Full freeze" on the link.
I don't know who make the packages. Is that the same persons making the application (Quod Libet) or is it other people making the packages?

I'm trying to get all parts of Debian translated and i think its pretty complete from what i can tell so it would be nice to make sure all the translations got into the next stable release.

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