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Re: Fongbe-i18n

On 25. april 2015 20:25, Hodonou SOUNTON wrote:
> Hello All.
> I want to translate Debian in the most spoken language of Benin, country
> near Nigeria. For this, I read the instructions on
> https://www.debian.org/international/
> <cid:part1.06030307.09040301@sounton.me> . Unfortunetly, I can't any
> thing about what we have to do, step by step, as translator. For
> exemple, how customize the keyboard ? How and where declare the language
> ISO code? How realy start up with the translation.
> Thanks.

You made me really look around - thank you! This link seems to point to
many resources that you may need - I couldn't find any direct link to
localizations, the 3-character language code is "fon":


Unfortunately many links from the page are dead ... more here:


Bjørn, occasional Debian translator

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