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Re: Fongbe-i18n

Quoting Hodonou SOUNTON (hodonou@sounton.me):
> Hello All.
> I want to translate Debian in the most spoken language of Benin, country
> near Nigeria. For this, I read the instructions on
> https://www.debian.org/international/
> <cid:part1.06030307.09040301@sounton.me> . Unfortunetly, I can't any thing
> about what we have to do, step by step, as translator. For exemple, how
> customize the keyboard ? How and where declare the language ISO code? How
> realy start up with the translation.

There is not really any step-by-step documentation that explains how
to "translate Debian" in a given language.

That's indeed for one reason : several components of Debian,
particularly software that is provided by the distribution, are
translated separately, in each upstream project.

So, what we work on are various parts that are specific to the
- website
- dedicated software
- installer (which is indeed a dedicated software)
- packages configuration messages ("debconf" screens)
- documentation (installation manual, etc.)

There has been a kind of "tradition" (which I have been responsible
for, over the years) to suggest people to start with the installer's

The reason is that, there, we have a quite formalized process,
including some kind of documentation...:-). So it helps getting people
gradually acquire the needed knowledge of the Debian ecosystem and
eventually contribute to various i18n tasks, including those that are
not so well documented..:-)

I won't lie to you : "translating Debian" is not as easy as
registering to a website, then starting to translate stuff. It
requires  some research, learning several things, some of which not
really well documented, accumulating experience...and learning every
day...:-). That's far from perfect, but that's indeed the way things
are. There is room for improvement, but we lack the manpower to
improve things, that's a chicken and egg problem.

Still, in case you'd like to start, I can suggest starting with the
installer translation, by going to the (old but still valid)
documentation you'll find at http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n/

Hope this helps....

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