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Status on and review/translation of the release-notes


We are steadily approaching a release and I would like to soon close the
release notes for Jessie.  However, we are not quite done yet - at least
I got a few more items pending that I need to juggle into place.

Nevertheless, I believe it would be prudent if we could start a review
and the translations in parallel with these remaining items.

My view of the status:
 * Chapter 1: done
 * Chapter 2: Mostly done.
   - joostvb: Do you want #773467 covered here (under supported
   - 2.2.4 is a TODO section.  jcristau/joostvb
   - I am not sure if we want regenerate the versions/numbers (e.g.
     the number of packages.  Though the remaining sections can still
     be reviewed.
 * Chapter 3: done
 * Chapter 4: I got a TODO on juggling a few items around here.
   - I intend to move 4.7.1 under 4.8 and put a reference in 4.7.1's
   - I got an open question on  I suspected this of being a
     "Squeeze->Wheezy" item.  If so, I want to remove it.
 * Chapter 5: Still open for new items and existing ones might be
   updated as we become wiser on these issues.


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