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No need to translate dbconfig-common templates in experimental yet

On 04-03-15 07:03, Christian PERRIER wrote:
>> Paul Gevers wrote:
>>> I am working on a major update of dbconfig-common and I am staging in
>>> experimental. I expect that in the course of several versions I may have
>>> several updates (additions or clarifications) to the templates.

> If uploads are done to experimental, my only recommendation would be
> sending an explicit notice to debian-i18n that these tempaltes are not
> to be translated until explicit notice. Otherwise, give the way the
> i18n infrastructure work, the most active translators will notice
> changes to the templates as soon as they're uploaded and then might
> start working on updates on their own.

This is a heads-up that I will probably upload a new version of
dbconfig-common to experimental soon. It contains changes to the
templates, but as I expect more to come soonish, I would rather not
waste the overhead of all involved until I am satisfied with the state
of dbconfig-common in experimental (there is still a large backlog of
bugs to go, including several that may need a new template).

Before I upload to unstable or when I am confident that the translation
is worth it in experimental, I will call for translations.


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