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Re: Hard-coded Churro legacy

Dear Beatrice,

thank you very much for your valuable input!

>>  * In (1) the "information about previous translation" form is empty.
> I don't see it empty. Are you using Iceweasel? it could be Iceweasel
> blocking the page, it does it for me (until I allow it) due to the data
> in the form being from a http while the page is https. If it is so you
> should see a shield in the location bar of Iceweasel (pls forgive me if
> I am stating the obvious).

I think it is a mix of hard-coding and security:

My browser for DDTSS-Work is Konqueror (I love the possibility to split the browser window vertically), the system is still Squeeze.

I tried HTTP (1) with Iceape and got

    Network Timeout

    The operation timed out when attempting to contact ddtp.debian.net.

in the "Information about previous translation" form. Konqueror did not display this message.

HTTPS (2) is not trustworthy for Iceape:

Technical Details
          ddtp.kleptog.org uses an invalid security certificate.

          The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed.
          The certificate is only valid for ddtp.debian.net

After adding a security exception I get the same network timeout as above.

> And as Joe said, we are indeed a bit used to DDTSS misbehavings.
> Thanks for checking on things and keeping on working on everything DDTP
> related!

I'm just the same as you and Joe - primarily a translator.


1: http://ddtp.kleptog.org/ddtss/index.cgi/de/
2: https://ddtp.kleptog.org/ddtss/index.cgi/de/

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